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Sarah and I     We thank you for visiting our ministry site. Please contact us
if we can help with prayer or for further information on this and other spiritual issues which are facing the GOD’s people in these final days just before His Son’s return in the clouds of heaven !

    You may reach Eric and Sarah Wilson at the address or number below:  or

    Or if you would like to speak to us about scheduling a seminar at your church, school or home group, please feel free to call us at (423) 477-7836. If we are out of the office, please leave us a message or an email, and we will return your call as soon as we return.

Martial-Arts-2Light Shining in Darkness –
Revealing the Truth behind Martial arts, Tai-chi and Yoga !

Eric Wilson shares his testimony of more than 24 years of experience in the Chinese, Japanese and Filipino martial arts, and how the LORD called him out of the darkness and into His marvelous Light. The answers to many questions which Christians in our world today are faced, are revealed –

     – Can a Christian practice these asian mystical and combative arts without compromising their commitment, and the gospel of Jesus Christ ?
      – Is our world being initiated into a new age religion through the practice of the mystical arts such as Tai-chi, Qigong, Yoga and Martial arts ?
      – And is it possible for the true child of the LORD to find a righteous compromise between the philosophies of these eastern arts, and the Truths of God’s infallible Word ?

 This program will answer the many questions Christians may have about the recent flood of mystical practices which are being introduced into the body of Christ today !

rejoiceMore than Conquerors !
Freedom, Deliverance, Healing, Salvation, Restoration & Victory !

– How many Christians today are living their lives in darkness, fear, doubt, defeat, failure and unbelief ?
– How many, no matter how hard they seem to try, just can’t seem to break the
chains of sin and addiction in their lives ?

Many of God’s children struggle today to  overcome anger, bitterness, rejection, depression, jealousy or lust, only to fall back in hopelessness at their apparent defeat.
Isaiah Ministries shares the Gospel in it’s Purpose, Power and Authority. We reveal from the Holy Scriptures the mighty work which has been accomplished by Jesus Christ for every one who exercises living faith in the death and resurrection of the Son of Almighty
– If you want to be Free.
– If you really want to Believe.
– If you need to Know the power
of the LORD and His Victory in your
life. today . . . Ask, and you shall receive !

2nd coming second
The Return of The King  
Final Events, Earth changes and Prophecies fulfilling of the Messiah’s Return ! 

We as God’s children are living on the verge of the most glorious event in all of human history ! The whole world is in expectation of a grand “spiritual awakening.” All religions of the earth are awaiting the appearance of a universal “Cosmic christ.”   New Agers, Shamans, Hindus, Buddhist, Jews, Muslims, Catholics, and Protestants alike are all proclaiming the return of a “Saviour !”

The Mayan calendar, Great pyramid and Chinese I-Ching all have pointed to the days in which we are now living. And now, many are saying that the last and final Roman Pontiff has taken the world’s religious throne.

Many of the world’s religions have prophesied that an event is about to take place which will ‘alter’ human consciousness, and for ever change the world as we know it. They foretell of a return of the pagan gods of the ancient world . . . and a temple
preparing to rise in Jerusalem. What do these things mean ?

Is Anti-christ about to be revealed ?
father and son

Restoration Ministry –
Healing hearts, souls, marriages, families, and homes !

For the first time in history more than 60% of all marriages are ending in divorce! Families are being broken, lives are being destroyed by the enemy of all righteousness, and children growing up without hope, and without knowing a father’s love.

But the LORD has promised us, that in these last days He will do an amazing work, one of which has never been seen before. A mighty work of Restoration and Healing !
He has promised us that He will turn the hearts of the fathers back to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers. Reuniting husbands to their wives. And restoring the tender compassion, and longing of men and women for a home where Christ dwells in marriedevery heart !

This miracle of Restoration is only possible through faith in the accomplished work of the Son of God upon Calvary. Knowing not only what is possible . . . but that which has already been won for each and every one of us by Christ Jesus, in giving His Life, death and glorious resurrection in exchange for our broken, and sinful lives !

We share this message and teaching from our own personal experience and testimony. How to win in the battles against our families, our marriages and that within our own souls.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood . . .” not even our own !

noahThe 3rd Angel & Righteousness by Faith
May we each learn to appropriate the gifts and promises purchased for us by the blood of Christ !

For more than a hundred years, we have been told of a great awakening that will take place among the children of God just before the 2nd coming of our LORD. And that this refreshing will accompany the loud cry of the 3rd angel of Revelation 14.

We have also been shown this outpouring the Spirit of the LORD will bring great Light and Spiritual power to all who by faith are claiming the righteousness of Christ as their own. This final mesage will be intimately connected with the 7th day Sabbath as the Seal of the Living God.

Since 1888, this message of Righteousness by Faith and the refreshing of the Holy Spirit in Latter Rain power has been sought for by conscientious souls worldwide. Yet, no3angelsw is the time !       Now, more than ever before in earth’s history, we should seek with all our hearts to understand and obtain this exceeding great and precious Promise of the LORD !

Quote:   “Some of our brethren have expressed fears that we shall dwell too much upon the subject of Justification (righteousness) by faith, but I hope and pray that none will be needlessly alarmed; for there is no danger in presenting this doctrine as it is set forth in the Scriptures. If there had not been a remissness in the past to properly instruct the people of God, there would not now be a necessity of calling a special attention to it . . .

The exceeding great and precious Promises given us in the Holy Scriptures have been lost sight of to a great extent, just as the enemy of all righteousness designed that they should be. He has cast his own dark shadow between us and our God, that we may not see the true character of God . . . for God is love ! . . . The LORD has proclaimed Himself to be “merciful  (full of mercy) and gracious, long-suffering, and abundant in goodness and Truth (Verity) !”   ref: Exodus 33:13-23 & 34:1-7

     Several have written to me, inquiring if the message of Justification by faith is the third angel’s message, and I have answered, “It is the third angel’s message, in verity !”

– The Review and Herald, April 1, 1890 &  1Selected Messages p.372


3 Responses to Contact us –

  1. Mike Wallace says:


    I see your point on the above issues. And if, as a Christian, you worship those things you are wrong (and should repent). I have spent more than a decade trying to prove or disprove chi and its effects. Remember Acts 16:6-7. There was a reason Paul was not allowed to go to Asia at that time. I think Paul only had so much time to spread the Gospel and (this is just my thought, please test it) I think God wanted Asia to go as far as man could alone – without the True God. So, latter they could realize that man’s efforts are not enough – and repent and be saved.

    I believe man gained incredible wisdom in the East, but remember this is before the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ (the name above all names, our lord and master and savior, He that was born of a virgin birth – lived as a man without sin (though tempted He did not sin) and died for our sins upon a cross meant for the wicked – and rose again by the power of the Father and is now our advocate and high priest forever).

    I say the above because I know that no one can say Jesus Christ is Lord and be of the devil (1 Cor 12:3). I believe many are basically selling their souls for chi power. But the Asians got to the heart center and discovered it was evil and unknowable (thus they concentrate on the dantian (the center of the body). The same is said of our hearts in the Old Testament, yet Jesus gives His people a new heart (a treasure trove) (Jer 17:9) & (Ezek 36:26). What if the science of what they did was true, but they were mislead to an impersonal universal God trying to explain it all? What if all things belong to the Lord and the devil has to have permission to touch us (Job)?

    When I experience chi, I see it as the heat from the fire – not the fire itself. I believe God’s Spirit (The Holy Spirit) gives unconditional love to all, even serving the wicked. The Bible says the Holy Spirit is a He and he can’t be controlled – but He can be worked with. What if, due to their lack of knowledge of Jesus Christ they started a tradition to explain as best as they can what they thought and by the time the Gospel got to the East (they were already grounded in those lies (traditions of men))(Col 2:8)? Jesus said we would do greater miracles than He. How are we to do this? (John 14:12)

    Now, I believe it is time for the truth of our Lord Jesus Christ (Hebrew 1:2). I believe only a Christian can touch the Holy Spirit on this deeper level. And this can’t be about them doing it themselves. I fell into that trap and God saw it as an idol and took it from me. Now, I know that I have no power on my own – only by staying in the vine of Jesus Christ do I have power and not my power at all. I live yet I am died, yet I live by the power of Jesus Christ. For my life is not mine, but I am bought and paid for with the precious blood of Jesus Christ (Rom 6:11 & Eph 2).

    Jesus Christ guards the gateway to my mind, soul and body. The Holy Spirit teaches me and He is teaching me to liberate the Asian mind from the lie that this power is of the devil. I traffic in no demons or spirits. Only our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Be careful how you judge – for the only unforgivable sin is saying that the power of Jesus Christ (the Holy Spirit) is the work of the devil (Mark 3:29). I can only liberate by the power of Jesus Christ working through me and gaining the truth about chi. God puts His holy light in us and (in our broken lantern) we shed the light as best we can – defeating the darkness. But would not His light shine brighter if our lantern was not broken?

    The Bible says do all things for the glory of God (Col 3:17 & 23). I know, as I am able to do more, I will be tempted by this knowledge to think it is me – but is not the wealthy Christian not also tempted daily? Should he give away all and live in poverty or should he continue to do right with his wealth for the kingdom of God? (Luke 12:48)

    I will leave you with one final thought. There is indeed only one way to heaven and that is through Jesus Christ, but how we serve varies. As the gifts of the Spirit are diverse but with one spirit (Luke 9:49-50).


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  3. Sarah Conner says:

    I’ve read many of this site’s content and am taking it into account. I practice kung fu myself and am fascinated by Chinese culture. But I’m also a faithful and eager Christian.

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