Experience and Background ?

forestbJune 2006,   Our Father in heaven (Jehovah, Yehuwah) began to open my blind eyes, and call me out of the darkness into His marvelous Light. The Truth was not easy to follow, but neither were any of the teachings of my occult masters. I realize now, that nothing of true value comes easily.

Becoming a disciple of the LORD is not cheap, it costs your life. But what a Life it is !
To be begotten again as a son of the Most                      Jeremiah 17:7-8 & Isaiah  61:3
High, is far greater riches than all the wealth,
the knowledge, and the years I spent as a slave
to the darkness and illusions of
this world.

It is my prayer that all who read these pages will be led to search for the Truth as it is in our Saviour Jesus Christ (Yehushua ha Moshiac) the Messiah !

Training and Experience –halloffame4

1983 –   Eric W. Wilson began his training in kung-fu, at the age of 14. His introduction to the Chinese martial arts was through the curriculum and instruction of the Fire & Water Martial Arts School, in Blountville, TN. He earned the rank of green belt before leaving for college in 1987.

1988 – Eric continued his education in martial studies at the Cleveland State Community College Isshinryu Karate program.

1989 – Eric was awarded the Valuable Service Certificate for working with youth and adult classes, as an assistant instructor in the Martial Arts & Fitness program at the local YMCA.national title

1991-   While attending college outside Chattanooga, Eric joined the Cleveland, TN branch of the American Bando Association. Eric received his 1st Level Black belt after 5 years of continued training under Mike Jolly and Doug Boring; both 5th Level Burmese Bando instructors.

In 1993 he returned to upper east TN, to continue his studies in kung-fu at Fire & Water Martial Arts. After years six years of further training, in 1999 he received 1st dan Black sash in kung-fu and 1st dan in Full-contact Chinese Boxing. His was only the 5th person to be promoted to this rank in kung-fu in the almost 30 year history of the school.kfblack2

Eric was also awarded the title of assistant instructor in the system, and opened a branch school teaching the principle arts of the Fire & Water style.

1999 –   Eric was accepted into the Wing Lam Kung-fu Federation, and his school became an official Affiliate member of Wing-Lam kung-fu.

In the year 2000, Eric received Honorary Shodan Certification in the art of Isshinryu Karate, under Billy Rock and Thomas Everheart, both sandan (3rd dan) under Sensei Harold Long.

2002 –   After 19 years of active training in kung-fu, Eric Wilson was promoted to the rank
of 5th dan and received the title of Disciple in Wu Zhao Quan (Animal mimic boxing) kung-fu, under Grandmaster H. David Collins.

2005 – Upon completion of 6 years training in the Japanese throwing arts, Eric received 1st dan Instructor Certification in combat Aikido; and Brown belt Assistant Instructor in Judo.

Summer of 2006, Eric was awarded 1st Level Guru in the art of Escrima (Filipino stick & knife fighting), after 10 years study under Guru John Alan Baker of the Atlanta Martial Arts Center. Guru Baker is a certified instructor under Guru Dan Inosanto.

Spring 2007 Eric W. Wilson was inducted into the US Martial Arts Hall of Fame. This induction was awarded him, after 24 active years in the Chinese art of kung-fu; and 9 years experience under Grandmaster Dana A. Miller in Zu Wei Shu kung-fu and US Chuan-fa. During the years 1998 thru 2007, Eric studied with Sijo Miller in martial and medical Qigong and Shaolin kung-fu. These years were the most “enlightening” of his career.

It was during this time that Eric began to fully understand the “spiritual” background of the martial arts. No matter what the style, the real power comes through the hands of the spirits (fallen angels) which work beneath the veil of the arts !

September 2007,    I rejoice !   Now, for the first time in my life, through the Mighty Name and power of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (Yehushua ha Moshiac); and by His precious blood, I am able able to live a Life of freedom, hope and victory such as I have never known.

After almost 25 years of living in rebellion to Jehovah (Yehu-IMG00484
wah) and His Word, the LORD opened my eyes and set me free !   I am thankful to every person who in the love of Christ, prayed for me over all of those years. And I also do lift my prayers to the Almighty Father, Creator of heaven and earth and sea; that He will work His Salvation and deliverance in the lives of every person with whom I trained and those I taught these dark and pagan arts.

May the LORD bless thee and keep thee, may He cause his Face to shine
upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: May the LORD lift up His countenance upon
thee, and give thee Shalom (peace with Him), through His Son Jesus Christ
(Yehushua ha Moshiac) !
your brother and fellowservant in Christ,
Eric W. Wilson


5 Responses to Experience and Background ?

  1. Hitomi Holmes says:

    What a powerful story you have Eric! I practiced yoga for 7 years and just received my teacher’s certification. God has through testimony of people like you and Caryl Matriciana, opened my eyes to what I was doing. I have quit yoga and dropped my long dream of teaching it and living the yogini life. I needed to hear this not from preachers who know nothing of yoga but from people like you who understand eastern mysticism. Thank you for the you tube and can’t wait to see the documentary this summer!!!

  2. AKT says:

    Thanks, Eric, for your powerful testimony. My oldest son has followed a similar path when he started training at a “Christian” jiu jitsu school. I’m going to send him a link to the first film and pray that God will use it to bring him out of this confusion and falsehood! Blessings to you, your family and you ministry!

  3. michael johnson says:

    Hey Eric..i dont know if u remember me but i trained with Alan at cmac back in the day..my name is Michael Johnson and we have met a few times..in 2013 i reached the rank of 2nd degree black in the chuan fa..i am interested in your point of view concerning martial arts. I would like to talk to you about it…u can email me and we can go from there..Glad to see you are doing well.

    • Hi Michael,
      Yes, I remember us meeting there at Alan’s school in Woodstock. Please forgive me for taking so long to reply. I have been out of the office more than usual over the last 8 weeks, and I am just now working to catch up on what I missed while away.

      I would love to talk if you are able by phone. It’s much easier than all the typing . . . Here is my number, and I should be home each day this week after 230pm until about 7pm. Even if these times are not best for you, please leave me a message, and I will call you from my mobile number when it will work for you.

      I am looking forward to hearing from you as soon as you are able. And please write to me at my personal address next time, for I check this one on a more regular basis. May our Lord and Saviour bless and keep you until then !
      your friend and brother in Christ Jesus,
      Eric Wilson and family – EWilson7th@gmail.com
      (423) 477-7836

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