7 – Maitreya & the Final Conflict ?

book cover -version 1     We thank you for your patience !     This is the final page in the main article, and we are working diligently to complete the updates and have it online. We are also working to complete the editing of a brand new full edition book of The Dragon Revealed !

This book will reveal much that we were not able to include in the film. Not only the hidden spiritual dangers behind the martial arts and Eastern mysticism, but also the role these esoteric practices will play in the final events of Bible prophecy, just before our Lord and Saviour’s return in the clouds of heaven.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vO6XmiwBuNM    – preview trailer to 2nd disc which is now available in the 2 part set from Little Light Studios below . . .

     Please feel free to contact Eric or Sarah Wilson at Isaiah Ministries of you have any questions.   EWilson7th@gmail.com

May the LORD bless and keep you strong in faith, and in the power of His Living Word !Maranatha – Behold, He is coming soon !


8 Responses to 7 – Maitreya & the Final Conflict ?

  1. Jeremy Light says:

    I appreciate your article very much. I had only recently began to learn the basic of Kung fu. Both my teacher and I are calling it quits due to our Christian beliefs. I did not appreciate or agree with your prejudiced words against the homosexual community. You’re half way there and I hope you continue to refine your manifesto so your writing itself does not contain any of the hidden messages that you are yourself attempting to debunk.

    • ewilson7th says:

      Dear brother Jeremy,
      There is no personal “prejudice” against any person or group of people . . . However, if we truly love the Lord Jesus Christ, and one another, then we must share the Truth and verily of God’s Word, regardless of our society’s compromise. And I agree, Truth must always be shared in love, not to condemn, but to save !

      The angel which came to our Saviour’s mother, said, “And thou shalt call His name JESUS (Yehushua) for He shall save His people from their sins . . .” Matthew 1:23. And Jesus says, “I came not to call the righteous, but sinners unto repentance . . . !” The word “Salvation” and “saved” literally means to deliver, set free, rescue, heal and make whole again !

      Christ Jesus does not desire to forgive us, and then let us continue to live a life of faithless disobedience and unbelief. Throughout all of Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation, the LORD’s will for His children is to deliver us from all sin, to reveal His mighty power, and to recreate every one of us in the Image of His Only-Begotten Son !

      Please write to me at the address below, for I would love to search the Bible together, that we might see the glorious plan of Redemption as it has been set out in Christ Jesus !
      ref: Luke 1:67-79

      May the LORD God Almighty both Bless and keep you through the power of His Life-giving Word !
      your brother in Him,
      Eric Wilson and family – Isaiah Ministries

  2. hichamo says:

    Please don’t forget to mention islam in your analysis as the last and true religion for mankind….

    • James says:

      Interesting about Islam. It doesn’t figure in the last day events as a separate mention, as a religion or people, We find it in the peoples of past prophecies as in the Seven Trumpets in Revelation 11. So what does Islam have to do with today? That is the question. It is a part of the wars and rumors or wars and calling for peace when there his no peace. Some have claimed that Islam was set up by the Papacy to further its own ends in the last days. You only have to look at the connection between the Papacy and Free Masonry and that comes to light in symbols and historical connections. While there is some question about the establishment about of Islam, there is no doubt that it will certainly be used by the Papacy in the last days of strife and bloodshed.

  3. Shadow says:

    Are you aware that martial arts do not originate in Shaolin Temples? Are you aware of the writings of Dr. Kang and Dr. Ethel Nelson?
    Are you aware of the fact that the Bible refers to Darkness as “uncreated”? Light is the first created element….Making darkness the covering of Eloihym Creator God! Exodus 14:20,21
    Fire/darkness together was the cloud of The Lord.
    Maybe you should start with that duality.
    Just a thought!

  4. Then what sort martial art… I mean combat systems can I practice then… after hearing this I have decided to call it quits to these arts and either find another or come up with my own. I remember in your Q&A, you mentioned your previous teacher was a grandmaster but never really pushed the eastern ideaologies… so when I heard, there still must be hope. Right now, my styles are Muay Thai, Wing Chun(not Shaolin Weng Chun), and a grappling style of Juji(short for Jujitsu). I mainly used these for exercise and self-defense. I never wanted for my name to be in lights and if I become a master(not to acknowledge greatness but to let them know that I have come across it) I willbuse science instead of sorcery. After hearing this BTW, this did not make me hate Christ… but hate the “enemy” more. This is making me cry out of sadness. Here is my facebook name: Marc Amiel S Montemayor… I’d like to talk with you and I’m from the Philippines.

  5. milki Dejene says:

    God bless you forever please keep up the good work in revealing the devil’s schemes to take peoples to hell along with him because he really hates us since we took what was his and because he knows he has got no chance of getting in heaven like we do. God bless you and we’ll be praying for you

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